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Who We Are 

Custom Outsource is a highly skilled  and hard working  team, dedicated to delivering the best possible product to our customers without exception,

from design conception to delivery, whatever the size of your project you will receive prompt communication,

on time delivery that exceeds expectations.


  • Bespoke Cabinetry or Custom Cabinetry?

    What they do

    Many custom shops now outsource doors, drawers and sometimes even cabinet boxes using 3-4 larger manufacturers, and whilst this offers a range of styles it cannot compare to a fully bespoke design.


    What we do

    Our bespoke service means every part of your project is designed to your exact requirements nothing available off the shelf or from a catalogue, uniquely yours and a genuine one off.


    Bespoke sounds expensive?

    Not with us we still work within industry pricing models, but we do expect you to pay for exceptional quality.


    Try us, you will be pleasantly surprised, and that costs nothing, after all our initial consultation is free.

  • Design & Innovation


    This is where we come into our own, if you can dream it we can certainly build it, we have over the last 28 years met highly complex design briefs head on, creating one off designs for our customers within budget and mirroring exactly the creative expectations, put us to the test!



    Resides at the heart of our business and is used in all aspects of our manufacturing process from the shop based assembly aids and construction techniques to on-site installation tools that provide increased speed and simplification with measurable consistency and quality advantages.


    As an example we have our own fully integrated systems for cabinet installation that speeds up the process with superior level and plumb and a reduction in visible fixings providing outstanding consistency in fit and finish.

  • Quality & cost advantage

    Owning our own facility , and out of town location means our overheads are significantly lower than many of our competitors,

    this means can pass this on to our customers in either spec upgrades or lower prices.

  • Manufacturing and the environment

    Our preference is to use low VOC and formaldehyde free products where possible.


    Our recycling is planned at the beginning of our production process, planning waste utilization within the design process is a simple step that maximizes material usage this is one of the many advantages of the technology we employ in our production.


    We also support local needs by providing wood waste free of charge to our neighbours who utilize it for animal bedding and fire wood.


    In the long term we are committed to creating a closed manufacturing process, where we will be introducing a number of technologies that will significantly reduce our already small footprint.

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